Corporate & Education

We can provide tailor-made health and wellbeing workshops, lectures, seminars and presentations for your staff and executives that can incorporate one or more of our specialisations. One-to-one or group face-to-face provision, available at your workplace, at the parkstreetlifestyle centre in Kenilworth, or online.

parkstreetlifestyle provides educational health and wellbeing training in the form of online and face-to-face workshops, presentations and courses. We offer flexibility and choice to make continual health and wellbeing first aid easy.

Training is conducted by highly trained professionals and can be incorporated into corporate Wellbeing Days, stand-alone 1 or 2 hour lunch time training, half day or full day training, dependent on your requirements.

Face to face training can be conducted at your place of work, school, university or at our training centre in Kenilworth.

Online training courses include live interactive sessions, webinars or pre-recorded lectures and courses for employees, workplace health and wellbeing first aiders and professional development CPDs for individuals working in health, nutrition, sport and physical activity.


Available Training and Education

Sleep Health


Sleep Optimisation

Sleep functions and physiology of sleep control. Strategies to improve your sleep.

Shift Work and Health

Effect of shift work on health. Shift work disorder. Strategies for better adaptation for shift work.

Sleep and Sport

Impact of sleep on athletic performance. Strategies to deal with the negative impact of sleep deprivation and travel in training and competition.

Sleep Deprivation

Effect of sleep deprivation on physical and psychological health. Lack of sleep and driving. Strategies to manage sleep for health and quality of life.

Light and Sleep

Effect of light on sleep. Sleep as a circadian cycle. Use of light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, depression and circadian rhythm disorders.

Your Sleep Type

Find out what circadian rhythm type you are and how this can impact on your work, educational attainment, physical and mental health and relationships. Strategies to optimise the benefits of your sleep type in a 24/7 world.

Health and Wellbeing


Stress and Anxiety Management

Learn about the mechanisms of stress and anxiety and methods to reduce and manage symptoms.

Work/Life Balance

Simple and manageable strategies to achieve a happy and healthy work/life balance.

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Learn easy, doable techniques to improve breathing, lung capacity, and total relaxation.

Seated Exercise and Movement in the Workplace

Sedentary behaviour is a major risk factor to many physiological and psychological health disorders. Learn quick, simple and easy to do physical activity and exercises that can be practised at your desk and incorporated into everyday working life.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Strategies and techniques will be taught, that can be practised in everyday life.

Managing the Menopause

Learn about the mechanisms of menopausal change and methods to reduce symptoms.